Online Shopping Will Put Me in Debt

Basically, I've been sitting here all night shopping online, usually I don't buy anything and I'm swearing off apparel for a while until I lose weight (more about that later), but tonight I decided to go for it. That's why I have a credit card. Even though I really need to get a job and sell some things. I still needed to indulge. Here is what I bought:

My friend Ciera has this and ever since the first time I laid my nose on it I fell in love. I urge everyone to smell this perfume. It's absolutely dreamy. It's fruity, light and fun. I don't know why I waited so long to get it. Anyways I got it for $42.00 on ebay. Photo Source.

The first time I tried Purity made simple I melted. I love this face cleanser. It's the best I've ever had. Anyway I really wanted to try out the hope in a jar too and the rest of it, so why not. I'm excited. This was a whopping $48.00. Source.

As a bonus for my birthday I received a 6 oz. philosophy birthday cake shampoo + bubble bath and I got 3 free samples.

Let's not forget for spending over $100.00 I got a deluxe sample of another exfoliating scrub from Philosophy. I figured I'd probably love it. Philosophy has never steered me wrong. I just hate the prices.
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