Birds of a feather flock together

what i wore: Feather or Haute Dress from Modcloth, teal tights and yellow ankle socks from Target, Military inspired navy jacket from Forever 21, sunnies gifted from my aunt, Dollhouse Tiller wedges from Endless, and cross body purse thrifted

These lovely pictures were taken and edited by Alex Crahan, the subject of my first spotlight post! I'm looking forward to hopefully having some more collaborations with her. She's so talented. I love these pictures. I might have to post more later! Anyways, view her photography blog here.

This outfit, kind of just fell together. At first I just had on the dress and the teal tights to brighten it up since it was a pretty nice day outside, I wanted a bright color. Then I added the socks and the wedges, not really thinking that the socks would peek out, but I actually liked how it looked! Then the military inspired jacket was chosen because I have not been able to wear it for a while. The bag and the sunnies just came naturally!

The only thing that is missing from these photos are actual birds! That would have been perfect, but we could not really spot any.

I cannot wait to update with some of my artwork from the past semester!

Anyways I'd like to give a warm welcome to my new followers! I'm so happy that I have all of you! Thanks so much for all of the comments and support. It really does mean a lot.
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