Origami Koi

what i wore: floral open should top and leaf pattern skirt from Forever 21, periwinkle belt from United Colors of Benetton, lace skirt from Target, gray flats from Old Navy

Aren't these koi adorable? I tried to make some of the harder tutorials, but I had to stick to a more simple one, and it still took me a couple of get these right. To view the tutorial I used, click here.

So anyway this is what I did yesterday, when I was waiting for a friend. Turns out she ditched me anyway, so I decided to get creative. I tried out different settings on my camera, and made more koi out of construction paper and tried different ways of hanging these up. I hung them on one of our ceiling fans and I decided they're cute as a decoration as well as part of a background.

Have you gotten creative lately? Tell me about it!

PS - Happy St. Patty's Day!
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