All I do is try to make it simple

what i wore: olive pants and denim shirt from Target, black Who We See fringe Rodeo boots from Urban Outfitters, and black faux leather jacket from H&M

Keeping it super casual today! It was a little duller and chillier than I expected, so the outfit I was going to wear did not work out. I'm usually not very into denim tops, but I wanted to give it a shot. When I tried on this top, I paired it with dark golden tan paper bagish shorts that I tucked this shirt into and these new favorite black boots of mine of course! I ended up buying the shorts as well, and I was planning on wearing the whole outfit with a high bun and wedges!= or just black flats, but alas, the weather would not allow it! So, that will happen another day!

I apologize for the lack of posting on the weekends, I usually like to relax and try to steer clear of my blog sometimes. It gets a little overwhelming! I hope you all had a good weekend though! I, of course, spent the majority of mine inside my fort that I built in my living room, haha, and a little time outside on Sunday, because my parents decided to have a barbecue, and that was pretty fun and delicious! Sorry, I didn't snap any pictures, I was too busy munching on skewers with chicken, zucchini, and pineapple!

How would you wear a denim button-up top?
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