Mother's Day Part I

what i wore: floral Gap top thrifted, white pleated skirt gift from my mom, and faux wooden heels from Target.

what she wore: white M zip up, navy blue pants, pink polo, Sketcher Shape-ups, and vintage Dooney and Bourke purse

Happy Mother's Day Everyone! My dad and I bought some flowers for my mom, the bouquet includes peonies which are her favorite! I'm a little upset I couldn't find white ones though, I know she loves those! Anyways, she decided she still wanted to cook, and she made this simple Vietnamese dish, I'm not sure how to spell it out, but its delicious and include mung bean (that yellow stuff). Also, those cards are from David and I. He's about an hour and a half away visiting his mama! So my mom and I decided to go take a walk and take some pictures, and we came across this lovely area. I wanted to take more photos of her but she didn't really want me to, at least I got a few, and some of my dad, and of Bella all tuckered out from playing.

I wore this skirt she gave me as a dedication to her. She has so many cute clothes, but they are so tiny, because she was way smaller than I am! My mama is an incredible person. I hope to have more posts about her in the future to show you just how great she is. Recently inspired by My Mom, the Style Icon, I hope to do a post in the future about my mom as a style icon, because she is! You'll see ;)

How are you spending Mother's Day?
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