Vintage dream

what i wore: rose pink midi skirt thrifted, black cat eye sunnies from OC Shades, black Garren heels from Blowfish, white crochet dress from Forever21, tan belt from Target, and periwinkle bandana from Hobby Lobby

This swoop/curl in my bangs was an accident at first, I was trying to straighten them and push them to the side, and that did not turn out very well, so I decided to try and curl them to the side, and voila! I actually really like it, so I pinned back some of my hair and tied it up in a loose bun, thus blossomed my outfit, from that small mistake!

My idea for today's background was Kingman Boulevard in Des Moines. I love the median, the trees and the houses down that whole street. It really is a lovely sight. Afterwards, David had ideas to go elsewhere. I'm honestly not exactly sure where we were in the second half of the pictures, but it was a nice little dead end on top of a small hill. I love how these turned out.

I feel like pictures look like me in a different time period, what do you think!?
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