Iowa State Fair 2011

what i wore: Ready or Nautical dress from Modcloth, red bandana from Hobby Lobby, yellow cut-out flats from Target (not shown), black bucket bag from Foererv 21 (not shown), and Wendy cateye sunnies from OC Shades.





Oh the Iowa State Fair. I convinced my parents to go with David and I this year. Can you believe my dad has never been to the fair in the 20+ years he's lived here in Iowa!? Also, he had a corndog for the first time ever and loved it. It was a lot of fun people watching, getting cotton candy, browsing around the buildings, checking out the animals, and finally seeing the "butter cow" (yes a cow made out of butter). I didn't even have a funnel cake but I did eat some delicious cotton candy, a corndog, and drank some yummy lemonade! It's always nice to go walk around for a few hours at the fair on a super nice day!

DO you go to your local fair?

PS: I guest posted for Moorea Seal over at here blog yesterday, you can check out the post here!
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