Guest post - Manzanita

the olivia
what Rebecca wore: shirt - forever21, sweater - thrifted, shorts - thrifted, belt - forever21, tights - urban outfitters, boots - thrifted, bow - Manzanita, necklace - Sappy Apple

the olivia

the olivia the olivia

Hello Koi Story readers! My name is Rebecca and I am the lady behind manzanita, an etsy shop and blog. The lovely Meanz and I decided to restyle each others outfits. Here I am wearing my version of this outfit. If you missed Meanz re-styling my outfit check it out here.

Meanz has such great style so it was really easy to find an outfit to re-style. I chose this one because the sweater she is wearing reminded me a lot of one of my favorite's. I have had this sweater since I started college and I will keep until it literally falls apart:)

I hope you all had a great holiday and thanks so much Meanz for having me!

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