You make my dreams come true

what i wore: dark blue dress and light blue button up J Crew secondhand from Goodwill, brown sweater and patterned tights from Forever 21, braided Jessica Simpson Collection belt from Dillard's, and tan knee-high boots from Target

I started to play around more with lighting and settings on my camera, just to mess around, and I liked the look of this. Also I got bored and am procrastinating on homework, but I have a majority of it done. I've decided to go for a retro style as of late. I'm not sure how it's working out, but I like what I'm putting together!

Take a step back

what i wore: white button-up top was a gift from my boyfriend's mom, brown ribbon that i found in my room, Jessica Simpson Collection belt from Dillard's, Black lace-up Dolce Vita boots, black pencil skirt and light gray socks from Target, mustard tights from Forever 21, and floral cardigan from Delia's

This weekend went by too fast. Sarah and I went shopping yesterday. I bought a couple of belts on sale at Dillards as pictured above and a few things from Heritage. I will definitely be wearing all of that soon as well. They're quite cute and Zooey Deschanel-inspired. I want to dress more retro and chic more often. I can't wait to put together outfits. I'm also slowing learning to sew better from my mom. She was a tailor for a long time and she knows a lot because she's been sewing since she was very young.

Get your vest on

what i wore: white button up shirt was a gift from my boyfriend's mom, denim vest from H&M, Black pants and tan bucket bag from Forever 21, and black Blowfish wedges from DSW

Wow, I am horrible at updating! It's been about a week, and nothing has been too exciting except that school started. This is what I'm going to wear tomorrow. I was just looking around my closet and trying to spruce things up and I came across this denim vest. I'm not usually a huge fan of denim anything besides obviously jeans, but this vest stood out to me. I got in when I was in Detroit with my friend who goes to the College for Creative Studies. Anyways I have never worn it until today! I bet I have so many things like this hiding in my closets! I will try to update more often. I just feel super busy, which is strange because during my winter break I didn't do much.

So, I would really like to get to know my followers. Tell me about yourself!

My 3D Projects

So my first semester at Drake last fall I took 3D design. At first I hated it because I didn't understand my professor and I felt like everything I did was wrong up until I got my first grade. Also after starting the second project it became my favorite class and stayed my favorite. Here are some projects from the class:

My professor took these photos. Anyway, We had to bring in things that would fit in our hands and I decided to bring in this perfume bottle. Marc Jacobs' Daisy is my signature scent. I absolutely love it. So I made a replica out of cardboard, hot glue and packaging tape. I still haven't gotten around to painting it.

Another view

These photos were taken by my professor. This was the wood project that took me forever to do. I was in the studio every time I could be there. Ultimately this came out really well. I wish I could show you the before photo of the wood. It's just a flat piece. Anyway I had to do a huge amount of sanding and using a band saw, drill, etc. Not my media of choice, but this piece does showcase movement, directional line, etc.

Different view.

This was probably my favorite out of all the projects. This was a project about space so I used delineated space (in person you can see the cut-out triangles. I used wire, newspaper + phone book paper + a wheat paste (homemade) to paper mache both pieces. Yes, it's two separate pieces. Then I used recycled paper to fold each individual crane.

Close up.

Close up.

Food is Sometimes My Enemy

I've had problems being a little bit overweight throughout my life. Not always, just sometimes. But my family teases me about it sometimes and I really don't like it. I've gained back over 5 pounds since I stopped smoking. Also, I've never been comfortable with how I look so I decided to try Weight Watchers. I'm just doing the online version. Anyways, I've set a goal and I intend to meet it. On one of my favorite blogs Selective Potential, she posted about her weight issues and how she overcame them and I was just really inspired so I decided I should be able to do this. I am giving myself one whole year to accomplish this goal. We'll see it how goes!


Online Shopping Will Put Me in Debt

Basically, I've been sitting here all night shopping online, usually I don't buy anything and I'm swearing off apparel for a while until I lose weight (more about that later), but tonight I decided to go for it. That's why I have a credit card. Even though I really need to get a job and sell some things. I still needed to indulge. Here is what I bought:

My friend Ciera has this and ever since the first time I laid my nose on it I fell in love. I urge everyone to smell this perfume. It's absolutely dreamy. It's fruity, light and fun. I don't know why I waited so long to get it. Anyways I got it for $42.00 on ebay. Photo Source.

The first time I tried Purity made simple I melted. I love this face cleanser. It's the best I've ever had. Anyway I really wanted to try out the hope in a jar too and the rest of it, so why not. I'm excited. This was a whopping $48.00. Source.

As a bonus for my birthday I received a 6 oz. philosophy birthday cake shampoo + bubble bath and I got 3 free samples.

Let's not forget for spending over $100.00 I got a deluxe sample of another exfoliating scrub from Philosophy. I figured I'd probably love it. Philosophy has never steered me wrong. I just hate the prices.
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