The golden hour

what i wore: two tone circle sunnies from OC Shades, sheer yellow polka dot top from Target, heart detailed braided belt and turquoise moccasins thrifted, black studded reconstructed shorts made by me,  and black tank top and black bucket bag from Forever 21
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You know that magical hour before the sunsets where the lighting is just perfect? That's when these pictures were taken. I need to do that more often - I'm not sure why I don't! For me it is around 3:45 - 4:00 PM here, is probably the best time to take photos when the days are short in winter.

Anyways, this is my favorite outfit of the trip, and is also my final outfit post of the trip. The warm yellow mixes so well with that pop of turquoise in my moccasins. Aren't these moccasins cool? They are my new favorite pair of thrifted flats! These were the first pair of reconstructed, and studded shorts that I have ever made! Can you believe that? I don't even know how many I've made nowadays.

When do you take your outfit photos? PS: Check it out, I'm guest posting over at Drastic Plastic today!
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