Sienna Ray & Co: Wanderlust

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I am so excited to share this news with you all! I was recently contacted to patricipate in Sienna Ray & Co.: Wanderlust. Basically, myself and a few other bloggers that were selected (within the U.S. and internationally) get to try-out and review the Makayla, a bag that is part of their Spring 2012 collection, before it hits the stores! We get to keep the bag for a week and then pass it along to the next blogger.

"The goal of [wander|lust] is for the participating fashion-elites to gain the most “buzz”on their blogs while driving the largest traffic to the Sienna Ray site, leading up to the final month where all blog followers will get the opportunity to vote for our fashion front-runner. The top blogger will be announced in March 2012. Each blogger will compete for the grand prize, an opportunity to design a handbag with Sienna Ray’s Founder & Creative Director, Natalie Kathleen."

Read more about it here.
Meet the other girls here.

I'm so excited! I'm sure when I'll be receiving the bag yet, but I will of course be posting about it the week I do receive it! I have never done anything like this before. It should be very interesting!

Photos are screenshots from Sienna Ray & Co.
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