Spring Cleaning Garage sale

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So, if you didn't already know, my friends and I had a garage sale this past weekend. It was a blast putting together, thanks to Kari and Selma. Selma helped me organized a lot of things while my friend Kari brought some things over to sell. It was a two-day sale, and I think that we both did pretty well with sales in the hundreds! I am so happy that I was able to get rid of so many clothes that I didn't wear. It was such a success that I think we are going to have another one in late spring or early summer. I know that there are a lot more things that I can get rid of, and I think we will have four girls hosting and with items to sell this next time. I'm excited to plan it!

So there was this lady that came by at least 3 times on both days to clean us out. She was so excited that my clothes fit her three daughters. She bought so much stuff and came back wanting more! It was crazy, but of course pretty awesome. Also, she basically told us her life story, and left us her number so that we can get a hold of her the next time we had a sale.

Another thing that was special about this sale was that it was the first time that I used Square to take credit cards as a form of payment. It was awesome, and it actually boosted our sales. If you have an iPhone and would like to use this, all you do is go to the website, signup and have them send you a Square card reader for free or if you need it sooner you could go to stores like Best Buy or Target to pick one up and send in a rebate, so you basically get it for free that way too! Than you install the app on your phone, and you are ready to swipe. For each transaction they take 2.75%, and you can connect it to your bank account, and they'll transfer the funds in there within a few days. Also, once the customer swipes, they sign it right on your phone, and they even have the option of getting a receipt texted or e-mailed to them. Easy peasy! Don't you love how amazing technology is?

How do you get rid of clothing you don't want anymore? Would you use Square?
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