what i wore: floral skirt thrifted, Samira flats c/o Blowfish Shoes, polka dot bandana from Hobby Lobby, tan belt from Target, vintage dress (tucked under skirt) from Tea & Tulips, hedgehog ring from Brett is a Girl, and dconstruct resin bracelets from DMAC giftshop 






I have to admit, this is the first time in weeks that I've felt so refreshed and revived! These photos are from yesterday, and I had an amazing day. Seriously, I am done with finals, and I don't have to worry about homework for a little over a week, when I start my online classes. I know, it doesn't seem like much, but I'm really excited. Also, today, I am going to an amazing garage sale, my brother is coming home for the summer, and I'm hopefully attended an amazing art event called Sensory Overload. Also, I got such an amazing 10 hours of sleep, and I woke up feeling amazing. There have been a lot of great things going on, I just hope things continue to get better. Also, this is my first outfit post in over a week! I think that's so crazy. Oh, and how cute is this hedgehog ring!? I mean seriously, after seeing it in a Friday Favorites post by Kaylah of the Dainty Squid, I knew I had to have it, and custom ordered one from Brett is a Girl. Seriously, I wear it everyday! Oh, and these flats have been my go-to shoes for finals, they are so damn comfortable, and make my feet feel pretty. I'm going shopping for Mother's Day gifts today as well, I know I'm such a huge procrastinator, but I think I am going to get her lilacs to plant, I know she's been wanting them for a while!

What are you getting your mom for mother's day?

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