Some of my design work

If cannot view the versions above for any reason, I also uploaded each book to flickr as well. Click on the links below to view them:

Wayfinding Book
Content and Audience

Want to see what I have been going a little crazy working on lately!? Well the above two books showcase my graphic design work of the semester. I've very proud of these two final projects. Until recently, I felt like I was losing grip of my love for graphic design, but I think it's come back. That is very exciting for me. I'm glad to be done with this semester, I feel like it's taken a huge toll on my motivation, but in the end, every struggle has been worth it. I think I am headed in a good direction for next year! I am taking some summer class, a couple basic classes to fulfill some graduation requirements, and painting II because I want to develop my painting skill more. I also hope to fill my summer with outdoor concerts, picnics, art events, being around friends, making as much art as I can, some freelance design work, a wedding, making shorts, doing crafts, hangingout with my brother (who is here for the summer) and of course I hope to fit in some lazy days.

What's in store for you this summer!?
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