Meet Louie






Meet Louie.

Here is her story:

A girl I know posted on facebook that she found a cat that was abandoned by her owners. They moved away and left her outside. Then, her housemate said that he would take the cat in, but the next day she ended back outside. She wanted to know if anyone would want to take her or else she would have to take her to the pound. It broke my heart, so I told her right away that I would come get her! So, Thursday I hustled my butt over to her place after class to pick up the cat! She was outside on the stairs, and immediately let me approach her and pet her little face. She was so skinny! I just wanted to feed her. Anyways, it took us a while to finally get her into my car. She struggled a lot. I felt bad taking her away from her home, but no one lived there anymore. Anyways, when we finally got her in the car, she meowed the whole way home but when she got here she started to get more comfortable.

She is not a big fan of my dog, Bella. I'm hoping that the hissing stops. Arnold was the same way when he first arrived at our home, but got used to her within a week or two. Anyways, Arnold is quite taken with Louie! Louie still hisses at Arnold, but it's been less severe already. I'm really excited about this. She is so wonderful, and will fit in well here! She really likes to sleep in the sink, and loves being petted. I am taking her to the vet a little later today to get her checked out. I hope she's healthy! She seems like she is so far, but who knows!

I can't imagine who would want to get rid of this sweet kitty.

What do you think about Louie!?

PS: After taking her to the vet, I discovered that Louie was a female. I had to change all the hes to shes and hims to hers. So, I hope you are not confused. I am going to keep her name as Louie, aka Lulu or Lu as well! She's healthy for the most part, and I'm very happy! I hope she starts to come out of her shell soon!
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