Mall of America haul




Lush Cosmetics

Lemony Fluffer
Charity Pot
Rose Jam bubble bar
Dragon's Egg




The Body Shop

Various bar soaps
Home Fragrance oil




American Apparel

Easy Jean
Cat Fancy Top

I love ethically made products, but of course who doesn't? It's become more of a habit of mine to buy ethically made products, mostly due to the fact that I spent a lot of time researching the fast fashion industry last semester and I didn't exactly like what I found out. Anyways, on my friend and I's spur of the moment trip to the Mall of America this past weekend, I was able to pick up some goodies. I think I am officially in love with Lush Cosmetics. I wish we had a store locally, but I will probably be ordering things online. I am normally not a bath person, but the bath bomb and bubble bar that I picked up smell too good too pass up. I'm really excited for these baths! Also, I cannot resist lemon smells, and this is the most amazing cuticle cream I have ever tried. I know we have The Body Shop locally but I was in need of soaps, and these are my favorite. They all smell amazing, but coconut is probably my favorite. American Apparel has been one of my favorite stores lately. These are my first pair or high waisted jeans! I'm really excited about them and this cat top is the cutest! You all know I am a sucker for cat print things!

What are your favorite ethical stores?
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