Body typography


photo (4)

One of my classmates/friends and I created this message and typeface to display our overexcitement for upcoming graduation. Neither of us are very profane, but this phrase just felt right. Graduating is a huge thing and I really feel like the phrase packs a punch! As you can see in the video above, we created letterforms with our bodies using gestures of positive and happy expression. I think it turned out well. We installed it in our design building so that right when you walk in the front door you see it, so it's an immediate impact. I love it, and I think we are both proud of it. I will show close-ups and more at a later time possibly. This was done in less than 36 hours, by the way. We had a design charrette (intense workshop) in one of our classes with a design professor from CCS. It was a good experience all in all.

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