In the daylight everywhere feels like home

what i wore: thick knit hat from Urban Outfitters, print dress + belt from Francesca's Collection, black sweater, black leggings, Mulberry bag, Dolce Vita black lace-up boots from Target

I love how high-end designers design lines for Target. It gives people without a lot of money the opportunity to purchase cute, chic and inexpensive "name-brands". I don't care much about the brand and moreso about the products. Anyways, I walked in to Target to basically stock up on socks (which I did, knee-high AND no-shows) but I ended up buying a Diet Coke sweatshirt (I had to) and the shoes and the purse, I mean they work for me and they worked with my outfit, which made me happy.

I also tried out the new Extra Dessert Delight gum in Mint Chocolate Chip and it is amazing. I love it so much. It helps too because I am trying to lose weight. Quitting smoking has made me into a food fiend and it is horrible. The good news is, it has been 26 days since I quit. I still crave one every once in a while, but even more now that I'm gaining weight.

I also got some Tazo black, chai and calm tea and some honey of course.

My favorite lunch/breakfast as of late: A bagel with light cream cheese and egg whites with some salt and pepper and a little mild low-fat shredded cheddar. Delish.
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