It's been a while

what I wore: sequin hat, a scarf, black skinnies and brown sweater from Forever 21 and a striped dress and Dolce Vita boots from Target

Rachel's cat has gotten so fat, but she's still the most adorable thing ever! We went to Pet Co. and got her a new toy. You can see it a little bit, but it's a fake little furry mouse inside a ball and when it rolls the mouse squeaks. I think shes afraid of it. I also got a giant bone that's probably about 3 feet or so for Bella. She's afraid of it because my mom accidentally hurt her with it while they were playing.

The best purchase of the day were the panda hats that we got at a kiosk at the mall. They're so adorable and so warm and hilarious. I also love pandas. What do you think?

Rachel got me Dre's Monster Beats Solo headphones for Christmas + my birthday present! I love the amazing sound quality of these headphones. Also the sleek look is to die for and gorgeous. I cannot wait to use these during next semester. They are much needed and I hate ear buds because they make my ears hurt.
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