My 3D Projects

So my first semester at Drake last fall I took 3D design. At first I hated it because I didn't understand my professor and I felt like everything I did was wrong up until I got my first grade. Also after starting the second project it became my favorite class and stayed my favorite. Here are some projects from the class:

My professor took these photos. Anyway, We had to bring in things that would fit in our hands and I decided to bring in this perfume bottle. Marc Jacobs' Daisy is my signature scent. I absolutely love it. So I made a replica out of cardboard, hot glue and packaging tape. I still haven't gotten around to painting it.

Another view

These photos were taken by my professor. This was the wood project that took me forever to do. I was in the studio every time I could be there. Ultimately this came out really well. I wish I could show you the before photo of the wood. It's just a flat piece. Anyway I had to do a huge amount of sanding and using a band saw, drill, etc. Not my media of choice, but this piece does showcase movement, directional line, etc.

Different view.

This was probably my favorite out of all the projects. This was a project about space so I used delineated space (in person you can see the cut-out triangles. I used wire, newspaper + phone book paper + a wheat paste (homemade) to paper mache both pieces. Yes, it's two separate pieces. Then I used recycled paper to fold each individual crane.

Close up.

Close up.
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