Early Valentine's Day dinner

what i wore: pale pink lace dress w/ peter pan collar from Heritage 1981, black tights and black knee-high socks from Target, and Dollhouse black wedges w/ faux wood detail from Endless

I bought this dress for my birthday, but at the time it didn't fit the best, but it's fitting better now! I love the peter pan collar and this dress has such a vintage feel. Anyway, so my boyfriend and I made last minute plans to have Valentine's Day dinner early because I have class tomorrow night, so we went to Ruby Tuesday. It's a pretty decent place and it's close by to my house, which helps. Another thing is, I'm not that huge on Valentine's day and neither is he. Last year, I wanted the cliches because it was our first Valentine's day together and my first with a boyfriend. So, he also wanted me to mention he didn't get dressed up. I still think he looks adorable, no matter what. Oh and Bella of course decided to sneak in on our pictures. I also convinced him to do a splatter/drip painting with me sometime in the future. For me, it's a dedication to Jackson Pollock and I want to be able to be in the painting and see the energy protruding from the painting itself. Anyways, it's also a nice way for me to introduce him into a part of my world. I'm excited.

So any of you have any special Valentine's day plans?
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