So many hearts

what i wore: black and white hearts dress from H&M, black knee-high socks and red sheer tights from Target, belt taken from another shirt, and black buckle flats from Steve Madden.

I decided to dress slightly festively for Valentine's Day today with the red tights and dress with hearts on it. I feel like I'd be able to wear this outfit any time as well though. I wish I had a red belt though, this neutral color was the best I could find. Maybe, I could have found a better choice. Also I'm a new fan of the side bun. It's easy and it's adorable. I wish my bangs would grow faster though, I'm really, really tired of them. So, like I stated in my last post, my boyfriend and I aren't big on Valentine's day. Besides the fact I have class tonight, we're not really celebrating. I mean it's nice to celebrate love, I guess, but we can do cute things for each other ANY day of the year, right? I feel like even though I'm not single, this holiday just makes people that are single miserable. It's so nice out today! Well it's above freezing, which makes it amazing!

How do you spend Valentine's Day?
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