I feel animated today

what i wore: chestnut Vince Camuto boots from Dillards, black pants, red button up and vest from Forever 21

I wanted to go for a cute, structured look today. I don't normally wear red, but I've been wanting to for some time now! I felt so animated though probably due to the pop of red and the adorable cartoon-like detailing. Also the fact that as I was walking around campus with headphones I felt like I was listening to my life's soundtrack. I think I'm just really strange sometimes!

Anyways, my boyfriend is slowly but surely moving stuff into my house. It's exciting! I cannot wait to use the whole basement once again! I was also really inspired by some Japanese Ukiyo-e art slides we viewed in Art History today. I think I might try mimicking some of the aspects of it! At first, it was just the gorgeous patterns many artists used that caught my eye, but I don't know, I just really enjoy most art anyways and have always been pretty fascinated with Japanese art and culture.
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