Flashback: 2 Year Anniversary

what i wore: button-up Heritage dress thrifted, black and gray striped sweater from Urban Outfitters, black sheer tights and white lace skirt from Target, Chesnut lace-up Vince Camuto boots from Dilalrd's

I apologize for such an overtly cutesy post! This last Sunday, March 6, was my boyfriend, David and I's 2 year anniversary. We did not get to do much (because I am such a procrastinator and had way too much homework) and actually went out to dinner at Biaggi's! A really cute, nice Italian place!

I wanted to go with a very feminine look, so I chose to do a variation of the milkmaid braids I did last time by using 4 braids opposed to two and wearing this adorable vintage looking button up dress that I found browsing through the Salvation Army for a whopping $3.50! It was a little short so I wore a white lace skirt underneath. I've been layering skirts and dresses, more often, it's so great! I'm also wearing the earrings his mother got for me. They're so simple and easy to wear with anything!

This is a short post, I have to get back to homework! I just got done with a midterm paper so I thought I'd give myself a reward of a post!

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!
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