New things!

Wow, I apologize for the lack of updating, the past few days have been a little hectic, seeing it is Midterms week and Spring Break is next week as well, which is super exciting!

I went for a very laid back and casual look today, and there's not much else to say about that. I received some goodies in the mail today! I got two novels, Battle Royale and Lolita. I know, it's a little strange because these books are drastically different. I've seen both of the films and I've heard good things about both books, so I decided to buy them on Amazon and possibly read them over Spring Break! Lolita is about a man that is obsessed and sexually involved with a 12 year old girl and then Battle Royale is based in a totalitarian alternative future of Japan and basically a group of junior high students are pitted against each other to fight to the death. I know they are both highly controversial, the first one dealing with pedophilia and the second one, well it just sounds gruesome, but they sound very interesting! If you want, I'd suggest you check out the films, Battle Royale is a Japanese film that is directed by Kinji Fukasaku, and there are two Lolita movies that I know of, I've only seen the Stanley Kubrick version.

Anyways, I also got these earrings I ordered from Jewel Mint. If you've never heard of Jewel Mint, I would suggest you take a peek here! It was started by Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter. The jist is that you can get any piece of jewelry from their line for $29.95. They have a great selection and a ton of variety to suite many tastes! I got these Desert Sand earrings, which I think are absolutely adorable!

The pink chair is a thrift find from Friday that I had to pick up on Saturday! It was $10, and I find it absolutely adorable!

Oh, and speaking of new things, I got my haircut! Well, I got really thick straight across bangs and some layers to help my tangles. What do you all think?

And what books are you reading? Care to make suggestions? I need to read more.
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