Oh yeah it feels good to be free

what i wore: green chunky knit hat, black cut-out flat booties, and floral sunnies from Urban Outfitters, black maxi dress from Target, and faux leather jacket from H&M

Well, so as I was leaving this morning my boyfriend told me I looked sexy and like a rockstar, so I guess I'll called this my "sexy rockstar" look, ha! I was so excited to break out this maxi dress, I have so many and I cannot wait to debut all of them in the upcoming few months!

Anyways today marks the beginning of my Spring Break and I'm so excited! The weather is in the 50s, so what an awesome way to begin my break! I'm excited to have time to do whatever I want to for the next week, and I hope I will also be able to introduce some new features on this blog! Keep checking back to find out more!

What are you excited to wear in warmer weather?!
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