Poker night and organization

what i wore: black faux leather bomber jacket from TJ Maxx, sweetheart jeans from Old Navy, taupe cardigan and floral top from H&M, black Blowfish wedges from DSW, and crossbody bag thrifted

So I went to poker night with my boyfriend tonight and I wanted to look laidback yet feminine, so I chose the floral top and dark washed jeans. I ended up losing a little money, but nothing to be upset about, and it's all just fun!

Oh, don't you love the cloud background? I found these sheets laying around the house and I got the inspiration from Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoe's post, you can view it here.

I decided that my frist day of spring break would be spent cleaning. I cleaned everything in the basement! Im so happy about it. I found this old make-up case that I think was a gift and filled it to the brim with my own makeup. I love the Eyelipsface palette. The colors are so wonderful and you get such a variety! I would highly recommend it! It folds up so perfectly and saves so much space! I should have taken a before photo to show the drastic change! My makeup was splattered everywhere around the sink. It was getting out of hand! Also I finally hung-up and organized all of my clothes. Those pictures don't show all of them. There's still a few other shelves, I think in my room I have 3 more filled! I'll be sure to post more organization pictures at some point.

Do you have any organization tips? Share!
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