Symmetry and pattern

what i wore: wine colored cord Hue leggings from Dillard's, symmetrical pattern flutter sleeve top from Forever 21, off white cut-out, peep toe wedges from Pac Sun, and tan Gap cardigan - secondhand from Plato's Closet

I really like the symmetrical aspect of the pattern on my top today. I remember being told in my 2D Design class that aesthetic beauty is based on how symmetrical your face is. I don't always believe that's true, because there are plenty of people that I find beautiful, even if their faces are not completely symmetrical. Of course, I cannot say I prefer symmetry or asymmetry though. Anyways, this is one of my very favorite tops and I feel very retro in this outfit. Oh and it looks like I'm about to give you a big ol' hug in out of the pictures, I'd suggest you embrace it!

What are your thoughts about symmetry and asymmetry? In any aspect, such as clothing, art, etc. Do you prefer one of the other? Or are you like me, and like variations of both?
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