Up in the clouds

what i wore: Sweet Darling dress from Modcloth, black sheer tights from Target, black flower headband from Forever 21, and black Blowfish wedge booties from DSW

Sorry for the heavy picture load today, but I am happy to share with you all my lovely non-clothing thrifting finds of today! One of my good friends, Sarah (you can view her blog here) and I went to check out a Salvation army by her house and a Goodwill near my place. We didn't have too much luck at Salvation Army, I did get that darling koi (I think I've become some sort of collector, because I have a vase and some jewelry as well) fish pitcher and the adorable house teapot/jar. At Goodwill we had A LOT of luck! We got these adorable picnic basket. I'm holding the one that I bought for myself and it even came with colorful pastel silverware! The other one that Sarah is picture with is the one I got her for her wedding present, it came with 4 mini plates, silverware, and mugs. There's also plaid inside! (She's getting married in April! How exciting!). Oh I cannot forgot I got this lovely vintage chair as well at Goodwill, when we first laid eyes on it, it was love. It's so adorable! Sarah and I also got identical Asian dolls, except hers is green! As you may have noticed I also got a vintage camera case, with a gaf L-17 SLR film camera inside as well as a Vivitar auto 252 flash, and another lens. It's crazy, I really just wanted the case, but I bought all of it since it came as a set. The other thing you might have notice is that giant video camera, It's a Trinicon Sony Video Camera HVC- 2400. I have to admit I really don't know a lot about cameras/video cameras. I actually have started a collection of vintage cameras I might find. I'm not sure that either of these devices work, but I love the vintage aesthetics of them both! I have a pretty decent collection now. One day I'll take a picture of this collection of cameras as well as my koi collection! I love days like today, my head it so high up in the clouds because I'm happy.

Oh, while we were at Goodwill, there was this nice lady that was talking about how there were many great finds today! And she started talking about how we should venture to other Goodwills, and there's one that has everything in bins and where people ravage through them like lunatics! It sounds somewhat exciting, so I think Sarah and I might have to venture to other Goodwills at some point! It was so sweet of her to share her stories!

So, I thought this all worked perfectly with my outfit today as well. I felt like a little dark princess with my all black and flowy dress! Also it's been brought to my attention by one of my lovely readers, Angel that this is a great "modern and toned down gothic-lolita" look! This is so great, I love that description! And I loved feeling like a little kid at show and tell again when I was taking these pictures.

Have any of you had amazing thrifting experiences!? Tell me about them!
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