White on white

what i wore: brown tights and tan knee-high boots, and pale pink tank from Target, brown pin stripe shorts from I'm not sure where, tan tank from Wet Seal, and white cover thrifted

I wanted to go for a more laidback bohemian look today. The top half looks slightly romantic with the lace and the bottom half is a little more edgy. I think it's the dark brown tights! I'm not sure, and I embraced my messy hair today.

So, today, One of my classes was canceled and it was a nice break and one of my best friends, Rachel, and I went to Nick and Willy's tonight and I got the Magellan which has spicy sausage, spinach, feta cheese, mushrooms, and a zesty garlic white sauce. It's so delicious. Rachel and I actually used to work at Nicky and Willy's together when we were 15. We made minimum wage and it was one of the funnest jobs I've had. We made pizzas all day, we had these delicious mints we'd gobble down, we could eat a little pepperoni for snacks as well as sample out and sample ourselves different kinds of pizza. We also had these scrumptious mini cinnamon rolls and giant cookies.

What's your favorite kind of pizza, or what's your favorite pizza place? Nick and Willy's is pretty close to the top for me.
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