Checkered pink

what i wore: pink checkered American Eagle button up thrifted, Where the Wild Things Are t-shirt from Urban Outfitters, gray sweater from H&M, black belt from Forever 21, boyfriend jeans from Old Navy, black lace-up Dolce Vita boots from Target, and Vicki Classic Half Frame Wayfarers from OC Shades

Hello! Thank you for your input on my header and my friend's, it means a lot! Anyways, Today was a great day besides getting lost in a cemetery this morning that we had to go to for Drawing class. One entrance, and a huge cemetery and me driving does not mix! Anyways it was a nice walk going around and pulling inspiration from everything. The sunshine and blue skies were amazing. It's been a while. I'm watching The Office right now, and it's so sad, and I loved it!

Did you watch Steve Carell's last episode? What did you think?
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