Value and light study on a Sunday morning

Sorry for the lack of outfits posts this weekend, I didn't really go anywhere, I had homework and some tasks I wanted to get done. So today I was working on my value/light study assignment for my drawing class. Basically, you pick and item, a fairly simple one, and put it somewhere that catches sunlight, such as by a window and do a 30-45 minute drawing for every hour from 7AM - 7PM. I woke up at 7AM, brewed some Awake tea and got to work. It was funner than I expected. I chose an apple, if you couldn't tell! Anyways, I did one every hour from 7AM - 1PM and I just have to spread the rest out in the next couple of days. It's not due until Thursday.

Oh, and these are pictures of some of the drawings I did this morning/afternoon and my new drawing table from Utrecht and dress form. I just bought this little natural light clamp lamp for the draw table too and it is amazing! I put the drawing table together myself! I forgot how much I loved putting things together and how amazing it feels when you're done! I'm definitely thrilled that I got the dual table top, the flat surface is really nice, and I love the shelves! I also fixed this lovely floral chair that my mom and I bought at a garage sale for $3.00! The screws fell out, and it turns out that there was only one screw holding it up, when there should be three. I drilled the holes and drove the screws in!

Anyways, after the drawings, I spent a little time reading and then started to clean, first, I picked up my room, then moved to the bathroom, the kichenette, and finally the living room. It only took a few hours and about 5 trash bags! Sometimes, I just get in this cleaning mode, I'm not sure why, but it feels amazing when everything is clean!

What was the last thing you put together or fixed?
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