Idyllic Waters

what i wore: Idyllic Waters dress from Modcloth, yellow wedges and light gray tights from Target, leopard print cardigan from Delia's, gray sweater belt from a thrifted sweater

I'm so tired today. I think it's because I spent a majority of my day doing a lot more tasks ten I am used to, and also that I do not have much to do today, so it is a little weird. Mondays are usually pretty hectic for me, but I did most of my homework yesterday and all I have to do is read and do a couple of drawings.

Anyways, I just purchased this Idyllic Waters dress from Modcloth along with a few other goodies, and I'm in love it it. I love the light colors. I also wore braids for over 12 hours to get my hair this wavy. It was totally worth it though! Today was definitely a colder day, and usually I would not mind, but I've been having small hints of a cold, and I just don't want it to get worse! I haven't been sick for a while, and I don't want to get sick now!

My bangs are also, incredibly ridiculous. I cut them a little too short, and they look weird. I'm pretty sure this means that I'm going to grow them out... maybe!

What you think I should do? Grow out my bangs or keep trimming them? Also, if you have had bangs, do you have any trimming tips?
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