Back and free as a bird!

what i wore: Feather or Haute dress from Modcloth, Garren heels in black from Blowfish, pink neon ankle socks from Target, black belt from Francesca's Closet, gold phoenix ring from Forever 21 and soffe shorts (worn under dress)

Hello my lovely readers, I've missed you!

Oh, what a bright sunny day to end my Spring semester on! Also, as you can tell, I'm back! The past two days have been so hectic. I stayed up for a full 24 hours studying for my Astronomy final at 7:30AM on Wednesday, accompanied by a Venti Triple shot skinny caramel macchiato with soy. I needed it so bad! Then I came home and crashed. I slept for about 5 hours and then it started putting together my sheet or notes for my Art History final. I am so glad to be done. I am taking classes this summer, but I have a little break before they start, 3 are online, and my Drawing II class is only 5-6 weeks.

Of course I wanted to look fantastic for the last day of finals. It took me about 4 tries before reaching this outfit. I am in love with this dress. It's so comfortable, flattering, and the feather print is too adorable. I decided to add a little color to this outfit by wearing this pair of neon socks I recently purchased from Target! The last time I wore this dress was here, when I did my first local spotlight post with Alex, who has a new blog by the way! It's called Blue Feather Style, and it is fantastic.

Speaking of local spotlights, I am interviewing two lovely ladies this weekend for two separate posts and I cannot wait!

Oh, and if you haven't noticed, I decided to try some jumping pictures. I cannot even tell you how many I had to take to get these, and they are only decent. I will be trying this out more though, and trying to perfect it! I got the idea from Shan Shan of Tiny Toad Stool. I love the movement of these photos! Also, it's really fun to do!

How have all of you been lately? Are you excited about more local spotlight posts?
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