Robert D. Ray Asian Gardens

what i wore: fuschia tights from Target, black faux leather jacket from H&M, taupe/beige tunic from Urbanog, black fringe Who We See boots from Urban Outfitters, belt thrifted.

Hi all, I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately. These photos are from Friday, when I did an interview with a girl named Megan for my next spotlight post. I still need to refine the interview, send it to her, so she can look it over, and edit her pictures, but the post will be up soon for sure and yesterday I spent the whole day with my boyfriend, and we decided to have a day without computers.

So, on Friday, Megan and I met at Starbucks for the interview, and we hit it off right away! She was very easy to talk to and we had a wonderful conversation that somewhat veered away from the interview. I already had an idea of where I wanted to do the photoshoot, I knew of these white blossom trees in the area, but because of the rain and storms that have been occuring, all the white flowers had fallen off, a very sad sight. So then, we decided to try to take pictures inside the Botanical center, but once we got there decided to go to the Robert D Ray Asian Gardens, which was very close by and it wasn't raining at the time.

This place is very lovely, so I decided to try to capture what I could! I took some pictures of Megan and had her take some of me, You can see the Chinese Pavilion in the background, and the bridge leading to the Pavilion is called the Bridge of Prosperity.  I love this area of Des Moines. Expect to see more of the Asian Gardens. Anyways, I decided to go for bright tights with a neutral outfit.

So, after these photos, we decided to go thrifting. We headed to a Goodwill Outlet, and it was a sight to behold, everything was in giant blue bins, and we paid by the pound for a lot of items. We each spent $4-$6. It was insane! We each got suitcases, and so many things I feel like! I'll definitely be going back there soon! There were so many goodies. Then we went to the Salvation Army and well just our luck, everything was 50% off, and we didn't even realize this until we paid! There were so many clothes, I think we were both overwhelmed, but we each found a couple of things! This was such a good day!

Oh, and a big thank you to the lovely Kristy of Lace and Berries for the Blogger Luxury Award.

What have you been up to this weekend?

PS: I was also completely thrown off when Blogger stopped working and I am still a little upset because comments were not fully restored.
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