A lovely outing with friends

what i wore: vertical gray striped asymmetrical cut dress from Gilt, navy cross body purse thrifted, sunnies from OC Shades, black Garren heels from Blowfish

Hello all! Yesterday, I had a lovely time with some of my friends. I feel like we're all so busy nowadays it's hard to get together, but today was wonderful. I decided to go for a simple look with a loose flowy asymmetrical dress and my Garren heels. I wish I would have gotten some back shots, this dress shows off my tattoo so well! Anyways, I wore this dress last here.

Anyways, we started off by making a stop at Lemon Tree, which is a lovely frozen yogurt shop that recently opened in Ankeny. It is so delightful, it's self-serve, and you pay by the weight. There are a variety of options of frozen yogurt, and you can basically make it any way you want, I got the small which is a 16 oz. cup. I'm very adventurous with my mixing of things when it comes to sweets, so bear with me, haha! I mixed together, Reese's Peanut Butter, Peach, and Cookies and Cream frozen yogurt, then topped it with various things and a lot of fruit, mine is the one pictured above that pretty full and colorful! Then we watched Spice World and got nostalgic.

Then we went and got sushi at Miyabi 9, which is a lovely little restaurant in downtown Des Moines. We ordered the Captain Crunch, California Roll, Miami Heat, and the Volcano. It was so delicious! I also love my food spicy!

My friend Lauren just came home from Detroit to visit! She is the blonde one. I am so excited that she's going to do a spotlight interview and photoshoot with me! You'll love her! Rachel is the redhead, she is super sweet and so adorable, I'll get her to do an interview/photoshoot soon, and same with Sarah, who many of you already know! (You can view Sarah's blog here). Also I snapped a shot of the poster for the upcoming Art Festival here. I am so excited to attend!

We visited the sculpture garden after dinner because I wanted to see the new sculpture, White Ghost by Yoshitomo Nara. It was added fairly recently and is pictured above. I love it! I will post more pictures of this sculpture park at some point as well.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my life.

How did you spend your Wednesday?!
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