Tire swings and dog walks

what i wore: light tan button up dress and multi-colored belt thrifted from Second Act, black faux leather jacket from H&M, Baku wedges from Blowfish, and gray flats from Old Navy

So, this was Saturday's outfit. I got this dress when we went thrifting the day before at a consignment shop called Second Act. It was filled with lovely vintage, costume, and secondhand goodies! Anyways I feel in love with the red cage-like detail on the sleeves and the dress fit perfectly. Coincidentally, this belt was wrapped around this dress and it accents it wonderfully, so I had to get both.

I wore this dress to the graduation party David's parents had for his brother's graduation. They got 96 bagels, and so much food! We got to take a few bagels home yesterday, when we left, haha. Anyways, it was a great party, very well decorated, I must say; I might post picture later. They got three cakes! Anyways, we have been taking Zoey and Bandana and plenty of walks while we're here and we found this tire swing and decided to take some pictures. I have had such a wonderful time this past few days! Now back to reality and my online classes.

I hope you all have a Happy Monday!
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