A bowl of pho

Finally, I am able to capture in pictures one of my favorite Vietnamese dishes ever! I usually don't take pictures because I just devour it! My mom makes this dish from scratch and it is so delicious (I hope to get the recipe some day) . Of course I eat it with thin tender slices of beef, fresh bean sprouts, fresh basil, sriracha, hoisin sauce and some fresh lime juice! If you've never tried pho you need to try it soon! Go out to a Vietnamese restaurant or click here  to view a pho recipe!

It's my friend, Sarah's birthday today, and we had her birthday sushi lunch at Taki yesterday! It was delicious, and we had a fun time thrifting, like always!

PS: A big thank you to Shasie of Life Life in Style for The Adorable Blog Award, and Fiona of Miss Tea & Co for The Style Blogger Award, you two girls are so sweet!

What extras do you add on your pho?
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