Fifteen Favorites on Friday

I am going to start-up with a weekly round-up post every Friday, of posts, pictures, and anything else I have discovered that I absolutely adore and am delighted to share with you all! This is my first, and I hope you enjoy!

1. June Hymn from The Clothes Horse on Vimeo.

2. SCARFFY from Bri Emery on Vimeo.

3. Keiko Lynn's Makeup Monday: Fire Eye'd Girl, it's such a wonderful summer color palette!

4. Alex of Blue Feather Style's chevron patterned dress! It's the perfect summer day dress!

5. These suitcase seats from Re-create. I hope to make one of my own one day!

6. I love this post written by Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky in response to a post written by Julie Klausner. Also, read Kaelah of Little Chief Honey Bee's response as well. These ladies are both so inspirational, and I couldn't have put anything better myself.

7. Gala Darling's post about beauty and body image in the blogging world and also this post titled Body Pressure In The Blogosphere: Blogger's Speak Up Part One.

8. These adorable moccasins made by Katie of I Go By Katie and Darlingtonia Moccasins Co. made in collaboration of Elsie from A Beautiful Mess and for sale in her lovely Red Velvet Shop.

9. This awesome cat climbing wall that I would get my cat, if only I had one!

10. I absolutely love the breathtaking colors of this photo from Earthshots.

11. I want to try this Raw Cashew Dreamcake, from My New Roots, it looks and sounds delicious!

12. I recently discovered this adorable blog called Skunkboy Creatures which is about the life of a plushtoy maker! Her outfits are so whimsical and so is her blog and shop!

13. I still cannot get over how much I love these Jeffrey Campbell Daisy D Cheetah Brown & Black Suede Bow Wedges from Lulu's! I wish they had my size, and I had the money!

14. Check out this incredibly gorgeous Stella McCartney inspired citrus cake with lemon curd filling and orange lemon icing made and photographed by Apollinas. There is a recipe as well! I hope to try it some day!

15. I absolutely love Kristina of Kris Atomic's illustrations and her blog. These are two of my favorites, Unusually Modest Mermaid (aka American Apparel mermaid), and Chronic Bitchface. She is incredibly talented, witty, humorous and quirky! Not to mention, she is such an inspiration!
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