I've got the navy blues

what i wore: blue navy skirt secondhand from my mom, blue sleeveless chambray button up thrifted, red and white checkered bandana from Hobby Lobby and "Debbie" heels from Just Fabulous



Ok, so I had to try out this new hairstyle discovery I made once again! I absolutely adore it, the curled bangs I mean. How come I never though of this!? Anyways, I wanted to wear another lovely skirt my mom handed down to me, she also gave me a white mid-length skirt that I wore on Mother's Day here. I love the navy color and decided it pair it with a chambray sleeveless button up and these adorable "Debbie" heels from Just Fabulous. Also, I want to start wearing more lipstick, and this is my effort! I guess this look is a little combination of pin-up, modesty, and 50s style? I'm not sure, but I dig it!

What do you think of my new look? 

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