Fifteen Favorites on Friday v4

1. I Love this Wizards of Awesome dress, the poppy print is gorgeous!

2. These are my favorites from the Make Your Own Franklin art project. Be sure to check out more in the gallery, there are plenty of cool ones! I found this art project via Honestly...WTF.

3. I love this Places on Earth print and Places in America print from You and Me, The Royal We, they are so adorable and a great way to keep track of your travels! I found these via Design Love Fest.

4. I adore this incredible drawing of Erin from Calivintage done by Ismay Ozga.

5. These puppies are just about the cutest things ever!

6. I have been adoring glitter lately and these glittery Jeffrey Campbell T-Strap heels are so incredible!

7. I adore seeing artist's workspaces and this one is fantastic!

8. These Angie Wang's illustrations I discovered while perusing around on Fashion 541 are incredible. I love the loves and the fluid lines and movement.

9. I know there are already cute puppies in this post, but I couldn't help myself when I found this and this on tumblr! Sleeping puppies are the cutest!

10. This yellow 1950s Milk and Honey gown is absolutely gorgeous from The Magic Carousel's Etsy Shop!

11. I love this "Flutter" By Globe by Imaginations. It's so adorable and whimsical!

12. I hope I get a chance to try this shoulderless blouse DIY I found on Mini Penny soon!

13. Aren't these hand-stiched microfiber flower chairs designed by furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue, I found via Honestly...WTF so amazing!? I could see myself sinking into one of them.

14. These Elle Mackay prints from her Theater Clouds etsy shop are so intriguing and whimsical, I absolutely adore the layering effect and the illusion of depth.

15. Honestly, if I could raid any blogger's closet, Karla of Karla's closet would be at the top of my list, I mean check out this gorgeous 50s prom dress she's wearing, the pale green is so delicate and pretty!
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