A Grimm telling of Cinderella and Snow White


















Ok, so finally, here in the unraveling of my final project for Drawing II and I'm happy to say that I am finally finished with the 5 week intensive course and I feel very refreshed. So, yes I created this piece.

Basically, I created a visual re-telling of the stories of Cinderella and Snow White that were written by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm and combined it with the clean-cut Disney versions and made it my own.

I used materials such as tissue paper, matte medium, sewing pattern paper, pages from reader's digest condensed collection I thrifted, magazines, among others. This was actually my first time ever collaging or using matte medium, and it turned out a lot better than I thought! My professor suggested I continue with this project in Intermediate Drawing this upcoming Fall semester, I'm having that professor look at it sometime next week, so I hope he lets me do it! I would love to finish this piece and possibly create a whole series! Oh, and we also played around with shadows by shining spotlights on my silhouettes, and I cannot wait to try more of that out!

If you've seen the Disney version, you basically know what's going on within Snow White's story. There are a lot more little things I would like to add to the story that are a little darker then the clean-cut Disney version, but I did not have the time. To view the full story I used for Snow White click here.

For Cinderella, I decided to go for a different route. I decided to emphasis the death of her mom and how she planted a tree by her mother's grave. That tree grows because of Cinderella's tears and later on gives her the dress and shoes to go to the ball. Also, Cinderella's step sisters are a lot crueler in the story, and basically throw a bunch of lentils in ashes and make her pick them out, and she has the help of birds. To view the full story I used for Cinderella click here.

There is so much more I can add to each of these stories. I hope I get to do it soon, and I will definitely share it, if I do!

I would love to hear some thoughts and opinions!

Also, I took some pictures of two more of my classmates' work that I will be posting sometime this week!
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