Fifteen Favorites on Friday v8

1. I love these Miu Miu sparkling shoes gif that I discovered via Moorea Seal.

2. Check out these pretty beach photos from The Girl Never Gets Older

3. Nicole of Gary Pepper Vintage looks so gorgeous in this rose sequin dress that she wore to the Cosmopolitan FFF Awards! Wow.

4. I love Keiko's "Southern belle" look! Her pigtails are so adorable, and I think I might try some pigtails in my look soon!

5. This new online class called This & That by Kara of I Just Might Explode sounds so magnificent! It goes on sale today, and you can sign-up until August 16th. I might just might have to reserve my spot!

6. I adore this How to Style a Summertime twist tutorial via Elsie of A Beautiful Mess.

7. I love the type and message of this image!

8. Isn't this bulldog puppy just too adorable in his little costume!?

9. How incredible is this dress?!

10. I absolutely love these sleep elevations photos. They take my breath away!

11. I really dig this elephant ring via Fleathers on etsy.

12. I adore this 1950s vintage Cinderella Wife Will Steinman dress.

13. This vintage black and white photograph of Lisa Fonssagrives at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, 1939 is amazing! I wish I could do that!

14. This 1950's pink peonies summer party dress is just the cutest thing!

15. This "I Love Foxes" print via Tevaeva on etsy makes me smile! It's just so darn cute!
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