Orange and black

what i wore: burnt orange vest and floral scarf (worn as a turban/headband) from a garage sale, bronze sandals and tan belt from Target, patterned dress (worn as top) thrifted, studded black denim shorts DIY.





Hello all and happy Monday! I decided to go bold and try to pair orange and black together without it looking like I was dressing for Halloween and I think I pulled it off pretty well! I wore a black and white top, and I feel like the "cracked" pattern of the top along with the tan belt and grayish shorts really allow for the orange to stand out and look good! David and I stopped at this mural while driving through downtown and it was the perfect places for photos.

We spent the day looking through thrift shops for a coffee table. We finally found the perfect one. It has a glass top and gold legs. The gold needs a little re-touching, but that shouldn't be hard! I also found an awesome shoe rack that I couldn't pass up! Today I will be working on things for a shop that will be opening at some point in the near future (hopefully!) and cleaning out at least half of my closet, because I need to get rid of A LOT of things!
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