A twist on a Vietnamese Sandwich - Bánh mì







Ok, so these photos are from a while back and I am drooling at these photos. I just remember how delicious it was! So, this is a variation of a Vietnamese sandwich called Bánh mì. I say it's a variation because we added some Cantonese style roasted pork called siu yuk.


French baguette
Freshly sliced tomatoes
Freshly sliced cucumbers
Some lettuce
A little bit of mayo
Siu yuk
Pâté (a meat spread)

That's it! It's a mix of Vietnamese and Cantonese cuisine and it is absolutely delicious! I wish that there were Vietnamese sandwich shops around, but for the time being, this will definitely hit the spot! I have not done a food post in a while and see as it is around lunchtime I thought it would be appropriate!

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