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Hello, everyone!

Heather Marie from Paper Doll Smile here! I was delighted when Meanz asked me to guest post on her beautiful blog. I'm such a fan of Koi Story!
I wanted to share with you a little something I did for my birthday this weekend. It's the best thing you could do when your birthday is in the month of October...go to a pumpkin patch! Only this year was much different from the others. My fiancé and I took a trip up to Apple Hill since around this time of year everything is in season. After visiting a few wineries we came upon a sign that said "pumpkin patch" with an arrow that pointed down a dirt road. Sounds like the making of a horror film, doesn't it? LOL I, of course, started jumping up and down in my seat and begged to go.

When we pulled up we found a gigantic field with rows and rows of pumpkins protruding from the ground. I was expecting it to be just like any other patch with big blocks of hay lying around with pumpkins placed on top. Only with this patch you could actually pick your very own pumpkin from the ground! I don't know if this is common any where else, but to me it was completely new. I was so excited! I was squealing like a little girl.

I found the perfect shaped pumpkin and next to it were some baby ones. How cute is that? Look at me, looking so proud to have my very own little pumpkin. I've never had so much fun at a patch before. I spotted a corn field and had a Children of the Corn moment.

Have you picked your pumpkin yet? I haven't quite decided what to do with mine just yet. Maybe I'll carve Jack Skellington this year. I'll have to do it soon! Freshly roasted pumpkin seeds are calling my name!
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