Featured Sponsor: Rock N Reconstruct Holiday 11/12






Brocade dress
Reindeer cowl dress
Midnight dress
Ginger dress
Merry dress
Champagne dress

Remember this little behind-the-scenes preview I did earlier for the Rock N Reconstruct Holiday collection? Well, here are the gorgeous finalized photos! Aren't the dresses just adorable!? Everyone did so amazing, and I'm so honored I got the chance to be there to witness the incredible talent. These dresses are available - made to order on Rock N Reconstruct's facebook page - just shoot her a message!

Photographer: Fels Andermathes
Model: April
Hair: Aurilla Goldsmith/Auriginal Designs
MUA: Kouralea Nicole Cosmetic Artist (She started a blog! Check it out here.)
Wardrobe: Rock N Reconstruct
Jewelry: Leona Ruby

I love the reindeer cowl dress and Champagne dress the most. Which dress(es) are your favorite(s)?
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