Fifteen Favorites on Friday v21

1. I absolutely adore Carrie of Wish Wish Wish's jacket and outfit in these photos! The navy blue details over that deep cranberry is just wonderful!

2. I love these 'design nerds' tees from The Social Department, I discovered after seeing Vanessa of Hello Vanny wear the 'I like my serifs classy' tee. Also, futura and garamond are some of my favorite typefaces!

3. I absolutely adore Keiko of Keiko Lynn's tights and her amazing jacket and Fall style in general!

4. Jessica of Strawberry Moth looks so absolutely gorgeous in these photos, I adore her hot pink lipstick and how awesome is it that she recently just became a Mrs?!

5. Although Winter is getting closer, I still adore pretty pastels and light, thin, flowy fabrics and I am absolutely smitten with this delicate silk peter pan collar dress that Sushi of Le Blog De Sushi is wearing! It's so pretty, and of course so is she.

6. Selma of Being Selma looks absolutely darling in these photos and I adore her high bun!

7. I absolutely adore Steffy of Steffy's Pros and Cons and her boyfriend's Minnie and Mickey Mouse costumes! So cute!

8. Kaelah of Little Chief Honey Bee looks so adorable in this powder blue heart patterened dress. Also, have you been reading her 'Honest to Blog' posts lately!? She seems like such a genuine, honest, REAL person, and I love it!

9. Moorea Seal is just absolutely amazing! I adore the new jewelry she's been making for her etsy shop! Simple gorgeous!

10. Veronika of Girl & Closet has such an adorable style! I love how the colors of her pretty skirt match the beautiful colors of the leaves in the background!

11. These tree cut-outs from toilet paper rolls by artist Yuken Teruya are so beautiful and intricate.

12. I love Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky's pin-up sailor girl costume. Doesn't she look absolutely gorgeous!? Also, I adore the love story that she posted about her and her soon-to-be husband!

13. I love these pretty dresses from the new online boutique Thrifted Modern I found via Honestly...WTF!

14. I am so happy that I discovered Sarah of Fash Flood's blog from Strawberry Freckleface! Her style is absolutely fabulous and how awesome in her colorful cape?!

15. I absolutely adore Veronika of Tick Tock Vintage's outfit in these photos, from her adorable cervron clutch to her lovely bright green top! Amazing.
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