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I finally got to meet my friend's part maine coon cat named Oy! He's just about the cutest thing I've ever seen, and super sweet. He's only about five months old are so, and he's so big! I can't wait to see him full grown.

I didn't do much for Halloween, so I just gorged on some candy and hung out with a little monster, no big deal, haha. Also I had lunchables for the first time in years!

I went thrifting and found this awesome leopard print dress, and a really cute coat that made me feel/look like a lion! I bought the dress, but the coat was a little too expensive, and a little stiff. I almost regret not buying it though!

I got a new, faster memory card, and finally reconstructed this zebra print skirt from a pair of shorts! I love how it turned out!

I got to have sushi with my friend Sarah, whom I had not seen for basically half a year! We had sushi for lunch and then had a lovely day of thrifting. Then I worked on building this paper castle for my silhouettes in my Intermediate Drawing class.

I had to get one of these lovely red cups from Starbucks, and I had a yummy peppermint, white mocha, soy misto! Delicious. Also, I've been wearing this combination of my mustard socks with my Turn booties almost all week! It's love.

I gave in and started a Words With Friends game with my boyfriend, and we also had a lovely breakfast for lunch meal at Perkins.

How was your week!? Tell me about it.
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