My year in outfits

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So to celebrate my blog's first birthday week, I wanted to showcase a collection of my year in outfit posts up to the latest outfit post, Navy and gray with a pillbox hat. I cannot believe I have done 150 outfit posts in the past year! That's so many to me! I hope this motivates me to try for more next year! I feel like I've been slacking a little bit in outfit posts lately and in my outfits in general due to the stress of this past semester at school, but I am finally done - hooray!

I'd like to take this moment to thank all of you, my amazing readers for sticking with me for the past year! I've discovered so much about my own personal style, and I felt like I've grown a lot. My style will be ever-changing though, and I cannot wait to document that change and continue to share my style with all of you!

It's weird how this little blog of mine started out as basically strictly a style blog and it has evolved into so much more. I am so happy about that! Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together! You can check out the full outfit posts in the 'What I Wore' section of my blog.

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